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You can see the difference.

We don't just entertain the kids, we educate them.  

Kids party is not about eating, its about entertainment.Kids and adult will get together...

a small party can be a meaningful family day/ family gathering for everyone.

The visual shall speaks by it self


We don't want to say good things about us, let our clients speak on our behalf. 


Wizard's Magical Clowns are:

Uncle Tickle


Uncle Tickle is the leader of Wizard's Magical Clown.  He begins his career as an illusionist. He starts doing clown as he loves kids so much.  Now, Uncle Tickle is one of the best Magical Clown. His show not only attracts children, but also adult.

Uncle Dodol

Family Day event organizer

One of the most talented magical clown in Malaysia.  He start his career as a close up and stage magician. Then he took a clown course. With his ability in magic performance, Uncle Joker won the best comedy magic in Spectrum Clown Gathering, Ampang. His funny act will surely cheer up your party.

Uncle Charlie

Family day event organizer

Uncle Charlie is a very cheerfull Clown.  His performance will make your event become lively. He will do variety of creative party games for kids and adult as well.

Uncle Charlie is also good in magic. He offers a very attractive magic trick for kids and adult.

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